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Comments Off on Amazon Android Free App 12/2 – Pool Bar HD

Amazon Android Free App 12/2 – Pool Bar HD

Calling all pool sharks! Casual league players and those that like to shoot some pool with friends after work and on the weekends are also

December 49, 2011 Apps

Carrier IQ and others facing lawsuit, lawmakers seek FTC probe

Earlier this week we wrote about the Carrier IQ ordeal, we should have know it was only a matter of time with all the media hype and

December 56, 2011 Apps, Carriers
Comments Off on Amazon Android Free App 11/30 – Jelly Defense

Amazon Android Free App 11/30 – Jelly Defense

Product Description   A World Threatened Once upon a time, in a galaxy not so far away, lived a proud and peaceful Jelly nation on

November 25, 2011 Apps

Developer reveals hidden program called Carrier IQ that logs everything you do

A security researcher Trevor Eckhart  has posted a video detailing hidden software installed on smart phones that logs numerous details about users’ activities. In a

November 58, 2011 Apps, Devices, Featured, General, Security
Comments Off on Amazon Android Free App 11/29 – Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!

Amazon Android Free App 11/29 – Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack!

Grab some bombs and step into the boots of Serious Sam’s worst nightmare, the Headless Kamikaze. Your muscles are gigantic, you are not wearing a

November 06, 2011 Apps
Comments Off on Amazon Android Free App 11/18 – SketchBook Mobile

Amazon Android Free App 11/18 – SketchBook Mobile

Budding artists, casual doodlers, and seasoned sketchers alike will enjoy SketchBook Mobile for their Android device. SketchBook Mobile, from the makers of the popular SketchBook

November 58, 2011 Apps

Siri Hacked For All Devices

Thanks to tipster Agent0Hibachi inside our forum we have now learned that some hackers have cracked Siri to work on any device. A group of hackers

November 56, 2011 Apps, Devices

Amazon Android Free App 11/16 – Bejeweled 2

Bejeweled is back! The casual game that became a phenomenon a few years ago on the Web returns with this engaging sequel to the original

November 02, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 11/15 – Eve Of The Genesis

Battle monsters with weapons and spells. This old-school role-playing game finds you joining a ragtag group of warriors attempting to stop an empire of

November 11, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 11/14 – Quickoffice Pro

Quickoffice Pro lets you get work done on the road by allowing easy access to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint wherever you take your mobile.

November 43, 2011 Apps

Adobe Dropping Mobile Flash Player In Lieu Of HTML5 Support

Adobe announced today via their blog that, after the upcoming release of Flash Player 11.1 for Android and BlackBerry Playbook, they will no longer develop Flash

November 32, 2011 Apps, Devices, General

Windows Phone Marketplace Officially open to Mango App/Game Submissions!

  Todd Brix, Senior Director of Windows Phone Division, posted in the Windows Phone Developer Blog that the Marketplace is now accepting and certifying Mango

August 01, 2011 Apps, Devices, Featured, General

HTC Aquires Dashwire!!!

HTC has made great strides to allow easier backup and syncing with our devices to a cloud network. The acquisition of Dashwire is a very

August 26, 2011 Apps, Devices

Google Maps….now with London Transit Maps

I am not sure how many members we have from London here, but Google is looking out for you (and hopefully a sign of things

August 27, 2011 Apps

[From The Forums] Backup your Android device to a cloud Network (root needed)

Kaos has recently posted about the new cool ability of Titanium backup to save backup files to a cloud server such as Dropbox. Read here:

August 31, 2011 Apps, Featured, How-To & Tips
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