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So, you want Android? On your GSM Touch Pro/Fuze? With Working Data?

So with all the buzz about Droid, I have really started wanting one. Or at least a phone with Android OS and a physical keyboard.

November 43, 2009 Apps, Devices

Google Maps Navigation Beta for Android…Will WinMo See One?

Google has announced a beta version of its new Google Maps Navigation program, that will provide voice-guided turn-by-turn directions on your Android 2.0 device. “This

October 00, 2009 Apps

PPCG Review: BookSync

I had the opportunity to take this little app for a test drive. For only $0.99, how could you go wrong right? Well, unfortunately this

October 54, 2009 Apps, Reviews

TellMe ripped from Sprint Intrepid

Tired of Voice Command? Now you can try Microsoft’s new app called TellMe thanks to our forum member pixelwix. He was at a Sprint store

October 27, 2009 Apps

SBSH Releases Facade 2

SBSH has released its new version of its front-end solution to WM Standard, Facade 2. SBSH Facade 2 is powerful and optimized for mobile use

October 11, 2009 Apps

PPCG Review: Resco Contact Manager

I had the chance to review Resco Contact Manager v2.02 which adds some nice features from the previous version, such as: * Touch Optimized Interface

October 43, 2009 Apps, Reviews

Free unlimited music comes to Windows Mobile: Grooveshark client released

The Grooveshark client for Windows Mobile is available for your Windows Mobile phone running WM6. Groovefish will allow you to search for and play virtually

October 01, 2009 Apps, General

MS Market Place Cracked Already

And then there was Marketplace……… XDA member Chainfire has already figured out how to take the chains off of the MS Market Place. According to

October 33, 2009 Apps, General

Google’s Google Sync NOW supports push email!

After months of waiting, Google now supports email synchronization via its push service,¬†Google Sync. Using Windows Mobile’s Microsoft Exchange service, your favorite windows mobile device

September 41, 2009 Apps, General
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