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NanoGroove – Grooveshark Service

Back in 2009 we were blessed with a freeware application called “GrooveFish” would allow you to connect to the GrooveShark service via your mobile phone

January 10, 2010 Apps

OpnMarket – Freeware Marketplace for Windows Mobile has launched a freeware marketplace for Windows Mobile, called OpnMarket. We haven’t tried this out yet, but it seems promising for freeware apps. Just

January 07, 2010 Apps

Windows Live for Windows Mobile updated

Windows Live for Windows® phone has been updated to version 10.7.0061.0500.2000 from the previous version of 10.7.0060.2300.3000. Not a major update by any means, but

January 40, 2010 Apps, General

Nintendo64 Emulator Released for iPhone/iPod

If you’re lucky enough to have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS or an iPod Touch 3G, you can now play your favorite N64 games on your

December 48, 2009 Apps, Devices

Opera Mobile 10 Beta 2u

Opera has updated its popular beta of Opera Mobile 10 to version 2u. The changelog includes: -Support for auto-rotation -Support for right-to-left rendering of web

December 01, 2009 Apps


Have you ever been in a situation where you need to leave a voicemail message for somebody and you just do not want to deal

December 39, 2009 Apps, Reviews

The new way to multitask!

Recently I was talking to a friend about my Touch Pro 2. He asked why that phone over the iPhone. As I proceeded to explain

December 31, 2009 Apps, Devices

Google Maps for Windows Mobile updated to v3.3

Oh how old Google Maps version 1.0 must feel considering it is up to v3.3 now. The biggest update is synchronization of starred locations with

December 15, 2009 Apps, General

Two New Opera Beta Downloads Available

Opera today released two new Beta versions of their popular mobile browsing software, Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5. The latest Opera Mobile 10

December 57, 2009 Apps, General

Office Mobile 2010 Beta Shows Up In Marketplace

Office Mobile 2010 Beta has appeared in the Microsoft Marketplace. It has a timebomb that will expire on April 5, 2010. It will uninstall any

November 56, 2009 Apps

YouMail Visual Voicemail Free For Sprint

YouMail today annouced that Sprint users can now use their visual voicemail service at no extra charge, but only on their Blackberry and Android phones.

November 17, 2009 Apps, Carriers

Opera Mobile 10 Beta Released

Opera has released a public beta of its Opera Mobile 10 browser.  So far reviews seem to be pretty good, with people saying its rendering

November 33, 2009 Apps

Windows Marketplace Now Officially Supported On WM6/6.1

Microsoft has finally released an official client to support WM6.0 and WM6.1. You can get it by going here. You can also get it by

November 53, 2009 Apps

Windows Mobile Marketplace Updates – Anti-Piracy Fixed & Desktop Version

UPDATE 11/13/09 8:30am CST: As of this morning, the mobile Marketplace client is pushing out an update. If you go into Marketplace, you’ll be prompted

November 21, 2009 Apps

Apple App Store Requirements Not Up to Par

We just got a tip. About a invasion of your privacy. From a iPhone Game App. According to a reliable source, Storm8, maker of free

November 15, 2009 Apps, Carriers, Devices
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