Opera today released two new Beta versions of their popular mobile browsing software, Opera Mobile 10 and Opera Mini 5. The latest Opera Mobile 10 Beta and Opera Mini 5 Beta offer users some of the more popular desktop features, including Opera Link and the Download Manager, on their mobile phone. Opera Link allows a user to synchronize with the Opera desktop browser to share all personal settings such as Bookmarks, Speed Dial and search engines across multiple platforms and systems. The Download Manager will allow a user more control over their downloads and promises that the Download Manager will also speed up the overall download process to mobile devices. Opera has also worked on making the browsing experience more unified with the same look and feel across all devices.

Please understand that Beta software is often buggy and unstable and not typically for the mainstream user. That said, if you would like to give either of these new versions a test run, you can go here to download the latest Opera Mobile 10 Beta and here to get the latest Opera Mini 5 Beta.

Source: Opera Software