I had the chance to review Resco Contact Manager v2.02 which adds some nice features from the previous version, such as:

* Touch Optimized Interface
* Profiles management
* Facebook integration
* Google Maps application support
* Customizable today plugin
* Categories/Companies groups operations available. Send SMS/MMS to all members in group
* SMS Chat and Call History
* Keypad Hot Key
* Quick search using Keypad
* Call & SMS Statistics
* Assign photo to a contact
* Send Contact VCard

The program loads very fast.  It reassigns your right softkey to its contact app instead of the built-in Windows one.  In the Start Menu, you’ll find a new folder with direct links to Favorites, Options, MS Contacts, etc.

Scrolling is very smooth, as it is with most Resco apps.  It is very finger-friendly and easy to read.

There is one feature which I couldn’t get to work, and that is the Facebook Integration.  After using TouchFlo3D v2.1, it integrated nicely with my contacts and updated their status and profile pictures.  No matter if I was connected to 3G, WiFi, or ActiveSync, it would hang on “Downloading Users”.    I browsed the Resco forums and saw where people had the same issues, but no resolution.  This is the only negative thing I could find with this app.

It functions very similar to the free iContact, but if the Facebook Integration would have worked, this program would have it beat.  So if you can get the Facebook Integration to work, and its imortant to you, then it might be worth the $25 for this app.

I gave it a 3 out of 5 stars for now until Facebook is fixed.

You can buy it at the PPCG Store here!