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  • Facebook for iPhone Badge Icon Issues

    Facebook for iPhone Badge Icon Issues

    While it hasn’t been officially announced as an issue, there have been a few reports around the internet that the badge icon for iPhone users hasn’t been working for about a week now. Notifications still come over and will show up in the lockscreen and in the notification center, but the red dot next to…

  • HTC To Begin Unlocking Bootloaders In August

    HTC To Begin Unlocking Bootloaders In August

    As most of us already know, HTC has announced just a short time ago, that they will no longer be locking the bootloaders on their devices. Well this evening, HTC informed the world via Facebook, on what devices will be first to receive the official unlock treatment and also provided us somewhat of a timeline.…

  • IM+ Pro Android Review

    IM+ Pro Android Review

    There seems to be no shortage of Instant Messaging apps in the Android market these days. A simple search will come up with apps like eBuddy, Meebo, IMO, IMEasy etc. Well, IM+ is yet another instant messaging app. IM+ from Shape Services has to be the most extensive messaging app that I have had the…

  • Push Notifications Finally Working For Facebook On Android?

    Some of you may have noticed in Facebook’s changelog that they supposedly enabled push notifications a few versions ago. This wasn’t working for most people, actually, probably 99% of people. Lots of people loved that feature on the iPhone. As a workaround, I always setup SMS/Email notifications, but its just not the same as getting…

  • HTC Announces Upcoming Android Phones

    HTC has announced quite a few new Android devices coming out later this year. There’s even a couple that have a dedicated Facebook button (I know, I don’t see the point either since you just need to put a shortcut on your homescreen, but whatever works). There’s the HTC Salsa, ChaCha, Desire S, and Wildfire…

  • Facebook, Skype Integrating their services

    According to sources at Mobiledia.com, Social networking site Facebook and Internet telephone provider Skype have been in discussions to combine their services. The new partnership is expected to be announced within the next few weeks.

  • Facebook 1.2 Officially In Marketplace

    In the first week of February, Facebook from the smartphone Marketplace was pulled by a XDA user and made available to us touchscreen users. Well now Microsoft has made this app officially available for touchscreen devices. The blogosphere is calling it v1.2, but its really on the About screen.

  • PPCG Review: Resco Contact Manager

    I had the chance to review Resco Contact Manager v2.02 which adds some nice features from the previous version, such as: * Touch Optimized Interface * Profiles management * Facebook integration * Google Maps application support * Customizable today plugin * Categories/Companies groups operations available. Send SMS/MMS to all members in group * SMS Chat…