Thanks to tipster Agent0Hibachi inside our forum we have now learned that some hackers have cracked Siri to work on any device. A group of hackers from Applidium posted a story explaining how they were able to hack Siri to run on any device. Seems Siri uses TCP to communicate back to a server using port 443 (SSL). From a desktop the group realized that the IP address resolved back to a Apple server named “”. From here the group was able to create a fake address and tricked Siri into sending commands there instead of Apple’s own server. In the process the group learned that every time you send a command to siri it sends a date and timestamp back to the Apple server. To get the program to run on any device you will need to have one iPhone 4S identifier and some coding know-how. The group of hackers published some tools for future developers to create Siri-enabled applications and have encouraged fellow hacker to continue and  see what they can develop.