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IM+ Pro Android Review

There seems to be no shortage of Instant Messaging apps in the Android market these days. A simple search will come up with apps like

June 02, 2011 Apps, Featured, General

Congratulations to our V.I.P. Tablet Winner!

PERASITE! To our non-VIPS left in the dark, sorry! As you all know, we’ve been giving away a myriad of great stuff for the past

June 08, 2011 Apps, Devices, Featured, General

Amazon Android Free App 6/10/11: My Paper Airplane 2 (3D)

My Paper Plane 2 (3D) is an action game for your smartphone or Honeycomb tablet in which you fly a paper plane, seemingly jet-powered, through

June 58, 2011 Apps, Featured

Amazon Android Free App 6/9/11: Random Mahjong Pro

Just when you thought Mahjong had been covered, along comes a stylish new solitaire Mahjong game ready to take centre stage on the Android platform.

June 59, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/8/11: Pocket Salsa

So you and your sweetie are quite the jitterbugs. You're aces at Lindy Hop, you tap like Fred and Ginger, and you can glide through

June 26, 2011 Apps

Verizon Blocking Tethering Apps – FCC Gets Involved?

Verizon is in trouble! The FCC has been called into investigate Verizon blocking access to certain tethering applications. This would violate the open access provision

June 38, 2011 Apps, Carriers

iOS5 Gets Jailbroken!!

Well, what a surprise - iOS5 jailbroken already only after hours of being in the wild. iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd tweeted the confirmation, along

June 51, 2011 Apps, Devices

Visual Voicemail Launched by MetroPCS

So what's better than voicemail? It can only be visual voicemail, right? And now it is being offered at MetroPCS on several of their headsets

June 40, 2011 Apps, Carriers

Amazon Android Free App 6/7/11: Car Maintenance Reminder Pro

Car Maintenance Reminder Pro helps you to track the service records of your cars, including oil change, tire rotation, change of engine or cabin air

June 51, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/6/11: Aporkalypse – Pigs of Doom

Some little piggies go to the market, while other little piggies stay home, but these pigs are all grown up and ready for war. Follow

June 47, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/5/11: Turbo Grannies

The nursing home is awfully boring, so this Turbo Granny found a more exciting way to pass the time. Turbo Granny may be as old

June 58, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/4/11:mSecure Password Manager

mSecure is a password and data manager that offers a convenient, secure solution to storing sensitive information on your Android device. mSecure stores sensitive

June 49, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/3/11: Office Jerk

Working in an office sure can be boring, and it doesn't help when some do-good know-it-all sits across from you all day. You know the

June 20, 2011 Apps

Amazon Android Free App 6/2/11: TaskKiller Pro

TaskKiller Pro helps increase your Android device's battery life, speed up performance, and manage all your applications. It kills tasks when the screen turns off,

June 27, 2011 Apps

Android Emulators…Gone for Good?

For those avid Android gamers, you might be shocked the next time you go to update any emulated game you have purchased. As of a

May 48, 2011 Apps
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