Well, what a surprise – iOS5 jailbroken already only after hours of being in the wild. iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd tweeted the confirmantion, along side with some screenshots to prove it. Here is a bigger surprise – it uses the same limera1n exploit and a tethered boot. Which just means users will need to have their iOS5 device plugged into a PC or Mac if they wat to restart it and preserve the hack.

Still, it’s early in the iOS5 world and it won’t be pushed out to regular users until this fall, and right now only developers have access and that all could change before the full release. We wouldn’t be surprised if the iPhone Dev Team was holding back on some ace cards ready for when that actually happens, so as to avoid Apple closing any loop holes before then.

WOW! Who would think that Apple might actually make their iOS harder to hack, it seems that they didn’t even try to change how this worked, and I wouldn’t be surprised if other things were the same as iOS4. What about you PPCGeeks, does this surprise you at the least? Tell me down below – please remember though that we do have to be nice :).

Source: Slashgear