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  • Change Siri’s accent on iOS (over 40 to choose from)

      One of the main reasons people flocked to get a 4S was the introduction of Siri, a personal assistant and amazing voice recognition agent that has not been successfully emulated and is the envoy of the other phone operating systems at the moment.  Siri can perform hundreds of tasks by voice activation and even […]

  • iOS5 Gets Jailbroken!!

    Well, what a surprise – iOS5 jailbroken already only after hours of being in the wild. iPhone Dev Team member MuscleNerd tweeted the confirmation, along side with some screenshots to prove it. Here is a bigger surprise – it uses the same limera1n exploit and a tethered boot. Which just means users will need to have their iOS5 device plugged into a PC or Mac if they want to restart it and preserve the hack.

  • Go To Jail, Get A Virus

    It seems that those of you who are rocking an Apple iPhone that has been jailbroken via a SSH client may catch a virus. A phone virus that is. It seems that a creative coder from Australia wrote some script that accesses the SSH client and causes the users wallpaper to be changed to a […]