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  • AT&T To Raise Upgrade Fees

    AT&T is about to double the fee associated with upgrading to a new device. The current cost of $18 will double to $36 effective this Sunday, February 12th. AT&T has been sending around email notices to customers and has informed dealers of the change, which is in response to an increase in “the overall costs […]

  • Use Too Much Data and We will Choke You off – AT&T

    Are you an AT&T user that still has unlimited data? Well AT&T started a new thing today (at least it was confirmed today) that you will start to be throttled as you use their data to its max. AT&T has a few users that max out their data and although they say it is only […]

  • ATT Promises Gingerbread Updates For All Post-Paid Customers This Year

    If you’re an At&t Android user, today is a happy day for you. They have announced that all of their postpaid Android users will get an upgrade to Gingerbread sometime this year. The Motorola Atrix 4G is first on the list, getting their update within the next few weeks. The HTC Inspire 4G will get their’s sometime next month. Read more…

  • Consumers Sue AT&T – Are You One Of Them?

    AT&T very own customers have been suing the company for what appears to be their way of showing how disapproved they are about the T-Mobile take over. They say they are suing to voice that this merger will hurt consumers by squashing the competition.

  • Droid 3 Shows Up At FCC In GSM Fashion

    Once again some new FCC papers have us wondering. As a GSM version of the Motorola Droid 3 showed itself to the FCC yesterday, with full support for bands used by AT&T and Bell in Canada. I’m sure those of you who have AT&T as their carrier would like to see this phone come their way. However, I would say don’t hold your breath though stranger things have happened. There’s a better chance this device is the one that was mentioned by Mobile Syrup last week discussing the Motorola XT860 (Milestone 3) heading to Bell on August the 14th.

  • iPhone love at ATT

    Have you ever broken your iPhone and wished you had insurance to help cover the cost of the replacment? Well today may be your lucky day. AT&T has updated their insurance and guess what?!? It now covers the iPhone – any model, old and new… One problem though – you have to be within 30 days of your original purchase date to get insurance.

  • The Lulz Boat Waves Goodbye, But Not Before Leaking ATT’s LTE Plans?

    “Yarr! Our ship has recently sailed upon some juicy AT&T findings… this might be delicious…” This was posted 6 weeks ago from the recently well known LulzSec Lulz Boat and now we have some new information about it. Who is LulzSec and what are these leaked AT&T findings you ask? Well, let us try and give you at least a glimpse of what both of these are all about. Hit up the link for more…

  • Sprint to ATT – You’re Wrong!

    So I have not wrote about the Sprint and AT&T merger in a couple weeks – but lets be clear – it is still in the heat of all things cell phone. Yesterday Sprint told the FCC that AT&T can expand without buying T-Mobile in a move that I would say is bold at the least. They [Sprint] claim that AT&T could see a 600% increase in network and save themselves a bunch of money because it would cost less to revamp then buy.

  • Sprint and LightSquared Join Forces

    Sprint Nextel Corp and LightSquared Inc. are joining forces to provided Sprint users with a better high-speed wireless experience. Philip Falcone (owner of LightSquared Inc.) announced to his investors that the companies were discussing a $20 billion deal. For Falcone, this deal is very important. He is basically gambling 60% of his trust fund on this project. But if this pays off like Falcone is expecting, it will have been worth the risk. Investors are excited about the deal with sprint. They were quoted, “It’s a step in the right direction given all the uncertainty around this investment.”

  • Google Nexus 4G Details Revealed

    Google has been working hard, to try and present the ultimate design and concept for what a smartphone should be. Recently introduced was the Nexus S from Google, the first phone to run Android 2.3, Gingerbread. According to exclusive details from our friends over at BGR, Google’s next Nexus device, possibly called the Nexus 4G, […]

  • ATT Settles Billion Dollar Lawsuit

    Well once again AT&T is in trouble. It seems lately that they can’t keep their names out of the news…and not in a good way. A class-action lawsuit was finally settled. AT&T was accused of improperly levying taxes on mobile Internet access fees

  • The FCC Questions Carriers about ATT T-Mobile Merger

    Many have heard about the ATT and T-Mobile merger and the debate around it. Well it seems all this dispute has brought on new action from the FCC. They are now hitting up the other carriers for their opinions on the deal. Before we get to the details, let’s look at what has already happened […]

  • HTC Sensation 4G FCC Filing, headed to ATT?

    Looks like an AT&T variant of the HTC Sensation 4G, recently known to be headed to T-Mobile on June 15th, was spotted making a visit to the FCC. This new model of the phone showed up in Washington DC with AT&T’s 850 and 1900MHz bands and also shown to have WCDMA bands II and V.

  • AT&T Just Keeps Growing…

    We’re all aware of AT&T trying to buy T-Mobile, but many of us may not be aware of what else AT&T is trying to buy up. Apparently AT&T has been in the market for local cell phone companies for a while now. Behind the scenes they have been slowly buying up different corporations.

  • New Phone by Sharp???

    There is something new coming for AT&T users. Earlier today it was “leaked” that there might be a new phone joining the AT&T family.

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