Make your (jailbroken) iPhone look and feel like WP7’s Metro UI!

One of the main reason people jailbreak their iPhones is to customize the theme that some people deem boring.  With an iPhone, no matter which

February 20, 2012 General, How-To & Tips
Comments Off on ITC Finalizing HTC vs Apple Decision

ITC Finalizing HTC vs Apple Decision

With all of the lawsuits flying back and forth between all of the mobile manufacturers in recent years it becomes hard to keep up with

February 20, 2012 General

S2W creates Go Launcher themes

Go Launcher is one of the best custom launchers available and free in the Android market today.  Amazing features and community which provides many themes

February 19, 2012 General

PPCGeeks Member of the Month/Year 2012

  PPCGeeks is a leader of mobile device content, knowledge and support for CDMA Devices. We love to discuss smartphones and tablets and our forums

February 17, 2012 Featured, General, Giveaway

Windows Mobile 6.1 on Windows Phone 7: Team DFT Project Preview

A new and exciting video was released today by Team DFT. According to the video description, Windows Mobile 6.1 is shown running on a HTC

February 16, 2012 General

Phone Stacking: The Social Game

Are you tired of talking to the backside of your dinner companion’s phone? Then the game of ‘Phone Stacking’ is for you. The goal of

February 14, 2012 General
Comments Off on Lessons on Love: Text vs. Card

Lessons on Love: Text vs. Card

A text message is no substitute for a greeting card or hand-written note when it comes to your loved one, experts say. It might be

February 13, 2012 General

PPCGeeks Spotlight: [TWRP 2.0] lnando84’s Sports Recovery Themes

lnando84 is at it again! He has amazed us over the years with his creative talents, and this latest release will not disappoint. Alright, lets

February 12, 2012 General

WP7: Leaked photos of the LG fantasy or miracle?

Some of us have seen a few blurry photos of the Fantasy that surfaced over at XDA Developers Forum. To add to the confusion, it

February 11, 2012 General

Passion for Texting: World Record

Fred Lidgren holds the world record for the most text messages sent and received in one month… and has the paperwork to prove it. How

February 11, 2012 General

Windows Phone 8 to Compete with Android

Microsoft aims to compete with Google Android with its tablet-friendly Windows 8. Android has gained huge success in both smartphone and tablet markets. Though Microsoft’s

February 11, 2012 General

BREAKING: Apple Files Suit Against Samsung’s Google Nexus Line!

Apple has fired a new shot in the ongoing patent war against perhaps its biggest rival in the smartphone market, Samsung. FOSS Patents reports that

February 11, 2012 General

HTC Announces Which Phones Will Receive Ice Cream This Year!

HTC’s main business is selling Android-based smartphones and it has quite a number of devices in stores that are currently running Android 2.3. Now it

February 11, 2012 General
Comments Off on Free Smartphones Today at T-Mobile!

Free Smartphones Today at T-Mobile!

T-Mobile is having its Valentines Day sale today. This offer allows Classic And Value plan subscribers to get any 4G smartphone, as well as some

February 11, 2012 General

First HTC Quad Core Device Codenamed the “Endeavor”?

HTC may be about to make smartphone history with the world’s first quad-core handset, if the latest reports from veteran phone blog MoDaCo are to

February 11, 2012 General
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