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  • Samsung Galaxy Note II unveiled but no carrier announcement

    Just a couple of days ago Samsung made an announcement in their Press Release of the Samsung Galaxy Note II and created an interesting video for you to watch. Watch the hands on Youtube video by Samsung here. Of course, they did not even mention what carrier may be getting it. We know that T-Mobile […]

  • Samsung leap frogs Apple in Market Share!

      Samsung has finally leaped over Apple to become the number one smartphone manufacturer.  Until Q1 2012, Apple was the world leader in smartphone sales, but IDC has released shipment figures showing Samsung leading the pack!     Apple did sell an impressive 35.1 million iPhones in Q1 of this year, but Samsung did better […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 service manual and device render leak online

    As the days grow closer to the highly anticipated release of the Samsung Galaxy S3 we are seeing a lot of leaked images and renders of the device.  Here we have yet another supposedly leaked image in what appears to be a scan from the service manual for the device, along with a list of specs, which […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Confirmed: May 3

    The Samsung Galaxy S3 may be one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2012, competing closely with the Apple’s upcoming iPhone 5. The Korea-based company just released its official launch event on May 3rd, heightening excitement and speculation among fans. Rumblings of invities have been surfacing across the internet from Samsung hyping up the release […]

  • Samsung Brings Android 4.0 to Unlocked Galaxy S II Models

        Samsung Galaxy S II handsets not tied to a specific carrier no longer have to wait for their Android 4.0 upgrade. According to a tweet from Samsung’s UK Twitter account, unlocked Galaxy S II phones can now download and install the software, known as Ice Cream Sandwich. Orange and T-Mobile customers with a […]

  • Samsung Rolling out ICS for Galaxy Sll

    Samsung if finally pushing ICS to the Galaxy Sll in select countries today, then across the U.K. starting in about a week.  As far as the U.S. variants go, it will be coming along “soon.”  ICS came out about five months ago and people who own Samsung and HTC devices have been patiently waiting for […]

  • Samsung to release a pink Galaxy Note!

    If you wanted this awesome 5.3″ beast of a phone with its handy S Pen, but had reservations about the fact that you could only get it in blue or white (and if you live in Germany for now), fear not, for you will soon be able to acquire this device in pink!  Take a […]

  • BREAKING: Apple Files Suit Against Samsung’s Google Nexus Line!

    Apple has fired a new shot in the ongoing patent war against perhaps its biggest rival in the smartphone market, Samsung. FOSS Patents reports that Apple has filed a injunction to stop the sale of Samsung’s recent Android 4.0-based Galaxy Nexus smartphone. In its injunction, Apple claims that the Galaxy Nexus violates four of Apple’s […]

  • US Cellular Debuts LTE w/ Samsung Tablet & Galaxy Phone

    US Cellular announces their plans for their 4G LTE network today. At launch, it will cover the cities of Milwaukee, Madison and Racine in Wisconsin, Des Moines, Cedar Rapids and Davenport in Iowa, Portland and Bangor, Maine, Wichita Falls, Texas, Lawton, Oklahoma and Greenville, North Carolina. The first two devices available will be a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and a Samsung Galaxy S Aviator. There’s no pricing available yet and their LTE network will be launching in March.

  • Carrier IQ and others facing lawsuit, lawmakers seek FTC probe

    Earlier this week we wrote about the Carrier IQ ordeal, we should have know it was only a matter of time with all the media hype and internet buzz before this whole thing started getting out of hand. Senator Al Franken is demanding the company provide details about what data it collects and how it’s used and […]

  • Glitch in Android allows hackers to bug phone calls

    Computer scientist from North Carolina State University have discovered a weakness in smartphones running Google’s Android operating system that allows attackers to secretly record phone conversations, monitor geographic location data, and access other sensitive resources without permission. Devices sold by HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and Google contain code that exposes powerful capabilities to untrusted apps. These […]

  • Samsung Galaxy S II -vs- iPhone 4S

    Samsung waisted no time in going after Apple and the release of the iPhone 4S. Just a few hours after the announcement the director of PR sent out a helpful comparison chart showing how the iPhone 4S stacks up against the company’s newest flagship phones, the Galaxy S II.  The company also announced that they’re […]

  • Samsung takes supporting developers to the next level! Adds Cyanogen to their payroll…

    The big news just keeps on coming, first Google buys Motorola and now Samsung has officially hired the creator of CyangenMod to their ranks. It was not too long ago Samsung pronounced their support for developers by giving away free Samsung Galaxy S2 phones to CyanogenMod developers to help support further Android development on Samsung phones. And from the looks of it, Samsung is impressed with Cyanogen’s work.

  • Sprint Leaks Samsung and Blackberry Devices!

    WOOONELLY! Looks like the Cell Phone Gods have blessed Sprint customers! This document says it was last updated on July 22nd, so if that is true then this should give all you Sprint (and not Sprint) customers something to look forward too! It is always changing so please take this with a grain of salt but it looks to be a lot of phones! We are going to list them all out for you in a lovely bullet list…. Why? Because I want to and I like to break it all down for you!

  • Apple Wants to Block Sale of HTC Devices!

    So today Apple files a new patent complaint with the International Trade Commission looking to block the sale of several HTC devices it claims infringe on Apple patent. Apple recently filed a similar complaint with te ITC looking to block several Samsung smartphones and tablets. Apple feels that Samsung and HTC are copying the iPhone and iPad devices. The move was the latest in an ongoing legal battle between Samsung and Apple surrounding multiple patent disputes.

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