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  • Another Android Trojan…

    So Today we find that Android has a new fiend in the world. This one will record your calls and listen to your fantasy baseball talk; this should be nothing new for Android users – a Trojan that is – we have had several the past 6 months… With users travelling the back area of […]

  • Windows Phone 7 + Kik = AWESOME!

    So, You always wanted a messenger program for cross platform devices, but did not want to spend $10.00 for IM+? Well if You are an Android, IOS user you know about Kik; but those of us on Windows Phone 7 got left out…NO MORE! You can now get Kik for your Windows Phone 7 for FREE! You can join your buddies in using Kik messaging.

  • IM+ Pro for WP7 Headed to Market for approval

    Recently we did a review of IM+ Pro for Android. On top of that, we have started a giveaway contest for 4 licenses of IM+ Pro for Android. Well, for those of you who are using a WP7 device and have been waiting for IM+ to arrive in the Windows Marketplace, it seems that day is very near.

  • WP7 Marketplace Apps Easily Cracked!

    Microsoft’s DRM for Windows Phone 7 Marketplace Apps apparently has a few holes they need to address. Recently a white hat hacker successfully made an app that can get into the Marketplace, find any app (paid or free), remove its DRM, and either directly install it to the phone, or save the XAP file. And he did it by himself in just 6 hours!

  • Windows Phone 7 Top 10 Apps in HUGE App Store!!!

    So here we are at the end of a year, Microsoft has released their new flagship OS, Windows Phone 7…Love it or Hate it – you have to agree it is a fresh start. With a fresh start we find ourselves asking what applications are out for my phone. Well let’s just start by saying that in the short life that the Windows Marketplace has been up and working it has reached 5,000 applications. Now please don’t take it as a HUGE deal, and such but it is for Microsoft that less than 3 months ago had absolutely no app store support.

  • Android Market on track to surpass Apple App Store

    Google’s efforts to market the Android OS platform to software developers appears to be working.  A strong open source community combined with developer events and free developer phones have lead to droves of applications popping up in the official android marketplace.  It’s no wonder Steve Jobs and Apple have recently been in the news seemingly […]

  • MS Marketplace Updated

    Didn’t you hate how the Microsoft Marketplace always forced you to install apps to the internal memory instead of giving you the option to install them to an external storage card? Well now you have the option! Microsoft has updated their Marketplace app to allow SD installation and the ability to select different regions.

  • Facebook 1.2 Officially In Marketplace

    In the first week of February, Facebook from the smartphone Marketplace was pulled by a XDA user and made available to us touchscreen users. Well now Microsoft has made this app officially available for touchscreen devices. The blogosphere is calling it v1.2, but its really on the About screen.

  • OpnMarket – Freeware Marketplace for Windows Mobile

    Freewarepocketpc.net has launched a freeware marketplace for Windows Mobile, called OpnMarket. We haven’t tried this out yet, but it seems promising for freeware apps. Just as with other app catalogs, it will all depend on how many people actually use it. Features * – Showcase brings you the latest and most popular free apps * […]

  • Windows Marketplace Now Officially Supported On WM6/6.1

    Microsoft has finally released an official client to support WM6.0 and WM6.1. You can get it by going here. You can also get it by pointing your mobile browser to mp.windowsphone.com. Source: Windows Phone Expert

  • Windows Mobile Marketplace Updates – Anti-Piracy Fixed & Desktop Version

    UPDATE 11/13/09 8:30am CST: As of this morning, the mobile Marketplace client is pushing out an update. If you go into Marketplace, you’ll be prompted to install an update before you can use it. After installing it, everything looks the same. The older “hacked” version that allows you to install to a storage card probably […]

  • MS Market Place Cracked Already

    And then there was Marketplace……… XDA member Chainfire has already figured out how to take the chains off of the MS Market Place. According to Chainfire “It took me less than five minutes to circumvent this “protection”, and get the ability to save the CABs the MarketPlace app downloads to a different folder. As the […]