So, You always wanted a messenger program for cross platform devices, but did not want to spend $10.00 for IM+? Well if You are an Android, IOS user you know about Kik; but those of us on Windows Phone 7 got left out…NO MORE! You can now get Kik for your Windows Phone 7 for FREE! You can join your buddies in using Kik messaging.

Never heard of Kik you say? Well let me explain it – it is sort of like BBM (BlackBerry Messenger). It sends a message to a friend and it lets you know that it was Sent, then it notifies you when it was Delivered, and even when it is Read. IT will even tell you when your friend is typing a message back to you. It is really nice and you never have to guess if it go to them because it tells you the status of each message!

You can find it here in the Marketplace. So what are you waiting for? GO GET IT! Tell me what you think, and if you dare give me your username – I am always looking for a Windows Phone 7 Kik friend!