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  • Verizon Wireless iPhone4 – Tiered data pricing one day

    Some of you asked if it would happen, hoped that it wouldn’t and thought you were lucky enough to skip out on tiered data at Verizon Wireless with the iPhone4, but that’s not going to happen. Reuters just reported that Verizon Wireless will replace its unlimited mobile data service with usage-based pricing for iPhone customers around the middle of the summer.

  • Wall Street Journal Reports: Verizon Beats AT&T in Voice Calls for iPhones

    For quite a while now, Walt Mossberg at The Wall Street Journal has been testing the two iPhones, one on each network of course. Keywords: each network.

    The phones themselves are essentially identical, except for the fact that they have different radios inside to accommodate the two carriers’ differing network technologies. Verizon is CDMA and AT&T is GSM. Most of us know the difference.

  • UPDATE: Verizon iPhone pre-orders – Did you get one?

    Several customers of Verizon Wireless reported difficult times while trying to order their iPhone’s last night? Were you one of them? Apparently the website to order online went down around 4AM. We do know that at least 6,000 orders were successfully processed so they had to have fixed it quickly.

  • Does Sprint want the iPhone? Their actions make it seem like so!

    Stories are all over the internet today speculating why Sprint removed the comments about the iPhone 4 from their commercials, suggesting Sprint may be preparing for it themselves.

  • Were waiting for Tuesday – Verizon iPhone rumors shall finally RIP!

    We’ve read, heard and answered all the questions we can about the Verizon iPhone rumors in the last few years. Finally these rumors will be able to RIP when the truth will be announced this coming Tuesday. Recently the Wall Street Journal even confirmed that the iPhone will be announced and so far they have been correct in all of their predictions on this topic. We can only wait and find out details!

  • How many AT&T customers will leave for Verizon iPhone? Estimates are high!

    The Verizon Wireless iPhone rumors have been going for long enough. Recently reported by Bloomberg was that the time is near for us to finally see the official Verizon Wireless iPhone. They report that the introduction of the Verizon iPhone will come after next week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, according to their tipster.

  • An iPhone? No way! On Verizon? Where?!?

    There are several major different selling points of the iPhone. The biggest one in my opinion – IT JUST WORKS. No need to unlock and flash a custom ROM, no need to soft-reset, Just click your app and BOOM – it opens. Now I will admit that there are several major problems with the iPhone […]