Does Sprint want the iPhone? Their actions make it seem like so!

Stories are all over the internet today speculating why Sprint removed the comments about the iPhone 4 from their commercials, suggesting Sprint may be preparing for it themselves.

Everyone noticed when Sprint quit promoting a certain part of their own EVO commercial on TV, which had one quote that stated “the EVO was a superior option to the iPhone 4”. Recently, Sprint altered this commercial to remove the iPhone 4 quote entirely.

What beatweek noticed, and what we find interesting as well, is the fact that history seems to be repeating itself. Remember when Verizon had comments about the iPhone, barely a year ago, and then they eventually pulled this commercial, with no explanation, from the TV commercials? Well, Sprint is now doing the same thing.

Why do you think Sprint decided to remove this comment? We are curious to see in the end but would like to know your thoughts. If they did get one, would you get one yourself? Discuss in the comments box below or hop into the forums where this is already being discussed in our carrier discussion section.

Thanks tsowen!

Source: Beatweek

Image: Phonedog