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Sprint & T-Mobile USA May Team Up For 4G

The Wall Street Journal posted an article yesterday saying that Sprint is considering letting T-Mobile USA invest in Clearwire, Sprint's 4G WiMAX partner.

September 16, 2010 Carriers

Sprint / T-Mobile Merger Still Possible

I'm sure most of our readers would disagree with this idea, but Dan Hesse seems to think that a merger between Sprint and T-Mobile is

July 16, 2010 Carriers

At&t Samsung Captivate Arriving On July 18th

We already knew a version of the highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy was coming to every major US carrier this summer. Its already been announced

July 21, 2010 Carriers, Devices

Wireless Market Share By Carrier & Devices

ComScore, a leader in measuring the digital world, has released their latest study yesterday, which shows common trends in the US Wireless Market for the

May 37, 2010 Carriers, Devices

T-Mobile Joining In The 4G Frenzy

While T-Mobile is presumably years away from offering 4G to its customers, its European parent company, Deutsche Telecom, is looking into how to bring T-Mo's

May 44, 2010 Carriers

T-Mobile Eliminates Data Overage For Some Users

Recently quite a few carriers have started putting caps on their data usage, most of which are set to 5GB. When you go over

April 29, 2010 Carriers

T-Mobile and Clearwire May Share Their Toys

T-Mobile and Clearwire sitting in a tree: S-P-E-C-T-R-U-M-I-N-G First comes 3G, then comes 4G, then comes the Spectrum sharing! While this may appear ludicrous at

March 38, 2010 Carriers, General

Radioshack to carry the HD2!

Ladies and gents, the word is out! Thanks to the work of JQuill and Jbearamus, we have confirmed Radioshack to be one of the carriers to

March 14, 2010 Carriers, Featured, General

T-Mobile Touch Pro2 for $149.99

A HTC Touch Pro2 from T-Mobile for only $149.99 with FREE SHIPPING? As President Obama said, "Yes, we can!"

March 07, 2010 Carriers, Devices

T-Mobile Dates for HTC HD2 and Motorola CLIQ XT Leaked

We already knew T-Mobile was getting the HTC HD2 and the Motorola CLIQ XT, but now we have some release dates and tentative pricing.

March 51, 2010 Carriers, Devices

Slacker Radio From T-Mobile HD2 ROM

Our forum user TMartin has pulled the cab from the T-Mobile HD2 ROM for Slacker Radio. It should work good on WVGA devices, but please

February 22, 2010 Apps

HTC and T-Mobile present: A Year of Rewards

HTC and T-Mobile are teaming up for their latest campaign to sell you phones, and this one is a dandy folks. Anybody who signs a

February 39, 2010 Carriers, Devices, General

Nexus One Experiencing Nationwide Data Outage

Update: As of 12:54PM ET the issue has been fixed, although there hasn’t been an official announcement of what the issue was. Users of the

January 34, 2010 Carriers, Devices

Nexus One To Sell At WalMart?!?

Update: WalMart has admitted this was an error and released the following quote: “Due to a technical error, this item erroneously was displayed on our

January 43, 2010 Carriers, Devices

T-Mobile HD2 Gets Spec Boosts

If you remember, the HTC HD2 is headed to T-Mobile USA, and is rumored to be the only device currently on the market to be

January 03, 2010 Carriers, Devices
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