Radioshack to carry the HD2!

Ladies and gents, the word is out!

Thanks to the work of JQuill and Jbearamus, we have confirmed Radioshack to be one of the carriers to carry the T-Mobile HD2 upon, or around release.

According to SKU lists, the device will be held from sales until the 24th, this coming week, but its confirmed by internal workers in the Radioshack mill!
New T-Mobile Handsets Arriving – Unsellable Until March 24
For: Store Managers and Sales Associates

This weekend, stores will begin receiving two new T-Mobile handsets – the HTC HD2 and the Nokia Nuron.

  • These handsets are being delivered in advance of their official launch date of Wednesday, March 24. Once they arrive, please place them in your security cage (along with the dummies when they arrive this week) and do not put them on display until the launch date.

    • The SKUs will be made unsellable in the POS until March 24.
  • More details about these new handsets will be included in next Tuesday’s Weekly Shipment. “

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