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  • WINNER: The Powermat Kit for EVO!

    WINNER: Congrats to Thacounty! Enjoy your EVO Powermat, we’ll be contacting you for address information!

  • BLEEP The Cords with the Powermat Kit: EVO Edition!

    Let’s face it: Charging sucks. At the end of a long day, I’d often have at least four or five devices in need of a fill up: Cameras, MP3 Players, Cellphones, tablets, and even batteries! (External Batteries gotta charge somewhere!) Now, any average joe would shell out for the standard, circa 1980s power strip to plug in all the cables, and patiently plug each device in. However, the not-so-average-joe, like me, says “Bleep That Crap! I’m getting a PowerMat!”

  • PPCG Review: PowerMat Home or Office Mat for HTC Touch Pro2

      PowerMat Home or Office Mat for HTC Touch Pro2 Review January 21, 2010 by tsowen, PPCGeeks Wirelessly charges up to 3 Powermat-enabled devices simultaneously (plus one USB power port). Works with all Powermat receivers. Universal Powercube with 8 tips is included to enable you to charge hundreds of different devices.