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Go To Jail, Get A Virus

It seems that those of you who are rocking an Apple iPhone that has been jailbroken via a SSH client may catch a virus. A

November 27, 2009 Devices, General

AT&T Hints At End Of iPhone Exclusivity

At&t had a great last quarter, activating 3.2 million new iPhones, 40% of which were purchased by customers new to AT&T. AT&T’s exclusivity deal with

October 03, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Android, not iPhone, is Bigger Symbian Challenger

In the on-going battle for global dominance in the cell phone world, it seems that Google’s Android will be emerging as a big challenger over

October 36, 2009 General

[Breaking] AT&T enabling MMS for iPhone 2 weeks early

From sea to shining sea, users across the U.S. are chiming in that MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) works for them. It looks like AT&T is

September 25, 2009 General
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