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No Contract iPhone From Apple for $500-$700

The Apple iPhone will now be sold sans a contractual agreement, according to an internal document obtained by Gizmodo. Before this, any customer who wished

March 42, 2010 Devices, General

BlackBerry Curve outsells iPhone in 4th Quarter, Droid 3rd

According to research firm IDC, RIM has sold more BlackBerry Curves than the Apple iPhone 3GS in the 4th Quarter of 2009. Remembering that the

February 12, 2010 General

Google Voice in your Mobile Browser

Definition of workaround– A workaround is a bypass of a recognized problem in a system. A workaround is typically a temporary fix that implies that

January 20, 2010 Apps, Devices, General

At&t iPhone Exclusivity Rumored To End Wednesday

Update 4pm CST: According to BGR, Verizon Wireless store managers have been told that Wednesday will be a big day and it will be a

January 06, 2010 Carriers, Devices

At&t Online Stops Selling iPhones In New York

Update: After this story has circulated the internet, it looks like At&t has got the message and is now offering the iPhone online to people

December 40, 2009 Carriers, Devices

Android Taking Market by Storm

As the rivalry between carriers and phone companies heats up, Android seems to be winning. Android just keeps getting more and more buzz. Apps are

December 25, 2009 General

Nintendo64 Emulator Released for iPhone/iPod

If you’re lucky enough to have a jailbroken iPhone 3GS or an iPod Touch 3G, you can now play your favorite N64 games on your

December 48, 2009 Apps, Devices

Will Operation Chokehold Succeed?

Update: The operation seems to have failed according to Yahoo! Tech. Some users reported that they could only get EDGE access and no 3G, while

December 59, 2009 Carriers

At&t May Charge iPhone Users For Excessive Data Usage

Since At&t has come under fire recently for its network’s abilities, At&t has now said that it may have to charge the heavy iPhone data

December 31, 2009 Carriers

Only 5 out of 1.3 Billion Chinese buy iPhone online

According to a report in PC World, only 5 Apple iPhone’s were sold on the official website in China in the first 2 weeks of

December 27, 2009 Devices, General

RadioShack To Sell iPhone Nationwide Next Year

If you haven’t been in a RadioShack lately, you may not have noticed that they’ve been trying to ramp up their mobile device department over

December 11, 2009 General

And the winner is…

The iPhone 3GS, which is apparently the highest rated smartphone according to Consumer Reports. However, the Palm Pre, the Blackberry Storm, and other BlackBerry models

December 16, 2009 Devices, General

[OP/ED]- Microsoft to ditch Mobile OS?

An interesting article has been posted by the UK’s newspaper The Guardian hypothesizes that Microsoft could abandon their Mobile OS platform, Windows Mobile, all together

December 42, 2009 General

Apple’s 3G Money Gambit

If you want to create a 3G-operating device, do you know who you will have to pay a license fee to? If you guessed Qualcomm,

November 51, 2009 General

[PPCG Recommended Joke]- iPhone or Droid?

With all the hardships we face each day (scratched screens, dead batteries, no 3G coverage), I would like to share a comic with you from

November 33, 2009 Devices
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