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  • Get a keyboard on your iPhone 4 with Boxwave’s Keyboard Buddy case

    The latest product found at Boxwave is a Keyboard Buddy case for the iPhone 4. This provides your iPhone with a physical keyboard through a blue-tooth connection, something most users want while others may not be interested. These cases are available now so read more to learn how to get one.

  • [REVIEW] BlueAnt SuperTooth 3

    I was privileged in being able to write a review on the BlueAnt SuperTooth 3. This is a speaker phone made for your car and works with text to speech, noise canceling and voice answer. It also tells you when you are disconnecting and reconnecting to a call as well as being able to talk to you in six languages!

  • Go Gaga For Bluetooth!

    Lady Gaga Bluetooth headsets are glamtastic and Gaga-ish!

  • New Bluetooth headset is world’s first to supports apps

    Bluetrek has raised the bar for all Bluetooth headset manufacturers and may have just changed the way that consumers look at Bluetooth headsets in general, with the release of the latest in their long line of headsets, the Bluetrek Crescendo. The Crescendo comes with many of the typical features and also utilizes Bluetrek’s NoiseLock technology, which promises to block up to 85db of external and ambient noises, such as wind, traffic and music. NoiseLock utilizes dual microphones with a proprietary noise-cancelling technology. The headset also offers five hours of talk time and seven days of standby time, per charge.

  • [PPCG Review] Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

    I had the opportunity to test and review the Jabra SP200 bluetooth speakerphone. To give you an overview of the device, it has a large speakerphone, a multifunction call button and an easy to use volume knob. It also features DSP voice processing technology which is supposed to help in noisy environments. The battery life […]

  • Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Review

    Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset Review November 30, 2009 by tsowen, PPCGeeks The Jawbone Bluetooth Headset offers noise   cancellation and great call quality on both ends of the line   Over the weekend I had a chance to review the Jawbone Prime Bluetooth Headset. Aliph’s Jawbones headsets have always been rated among the highest-rated Bluetooth […]

  • Review of the Plantronics Discovery 975

    Plantronics Discovery 975 Review November 16, 2009 by tsowen, PPCGeeks The Discovery 975 offers great-sounding call quality on both ends of the line There are headsets that are stylish, and headsets that sound great, but somehow Plantronics Discovery 975 Bluetooth Headset managed to combine these two features into one device. This week I had the […]

  • Jabra STONE announced: new Bluetooth headset with a new design

    Jabra has announced that they will be launching sales for their latest Bluetooth headset, known as STONE, on November 8th.   The new headset has a unique ear-wrapping shape that is filled with comfortable soft rubber and promises 8 hours of talk time and 12 days of standy time. More features include: Portable charging unit […]

  • Review of the Motorola MOTOROKR T505 Bluetooth In-Car Speakerphone w/ Digital FM Transmitter

    Motorola MotoRokr T505 Review October 9, 2009 by tsowen, PPCGeeks Motorola’s T505 is easy to use while your eyes are on the road. All too often we have all witnessed that driver who has been talking on their cell phone and driving at the same time. It is something that has become a habit especially […]