[PPCG Review] Jabra SP200 Bluetooth Speakerphone

I had the opportunity to test and review the Jabra SP200 bluetooth speakerphone. To give you an overview of the device, it has a large speakerphone, a multifunction call button and an easy to use volume knob. It also features DSP voice processing technology which is supposed to help in noisy environments. The battery life is great, coming in at 10 hours of talk time and 23 days of standby time. For charging, it comes with a car charger and a USB cable.

During my experience, calls were loud and clear. The volume knob controls the volume on your device, so its not an independent volume booster. The answer/end call button is also easy to use. Its large enough so you don’t have to look up to find it. If you’re using a bluetooth speakerphone, you’re obviously going to be looking at call clarity. On our side, the calls were just as clear as your service offers (depending on coverage and reception). On the other side, the party said they could tell I was using a speakerphone, but it still sounded clear with some background noise. We didn’t have to repeat any of our conversation, which is always good.

Overall, we give it a 7 out of 10. For the price, you could probably find a speakerphone that offers a little more features, but if you’re looking for a basic one, this does the job pretty well. Its a bit bulky, but that’s what makes the speakerphone loud.

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