During our website’s live podcast, the PPCGP. Microsoft’s Brandon Watson answered questions from our users and panel about WP7 Development, including a couple special pieces of news. Here’s some of that news, in verbatim.

  1. The Chevron WP7 Unlocker team was NOT paid for their services, and are being kept in contact (Unofficially) to help get input for the devs
  2. The update coming out late Thursday or Early Friday will be involving a new OS image, which will include Copy Paste Assistance for developers, and hints to a OS update in the coming month. We assume by the end of Feb. Early March
  3. All apps on the market WILL get Copy and Paste, WITHOUT any updates made by the developer
  4. The new OS Image will include compatibility for CDMA, and CDMA is promised by the end of Quarter 2 of 2011.
  5. The OS is looking to grab more devs in general and help them get back on track and interested in WP7’s software

This is some epic news! Check out our podcast