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  • Tips to Help Developers Market Android Games and Apps

    1) Website- I see a lot of developers that have a single blog page for all their apps. Look at the format of google play and match your website as close as you can to what google play has. Why? Customers are use to a certain format and like things that look familiar . Think […]

  • Flappybird Controversy over apparent use of Super Mario Brio Graphic’s

                    If you have been on facebook or twitter the last couple of days developers and users alike are flaming mad over flappybirds use of Super Mario Bros graphic's. The hatered toward the game has garnered alot of attention , like the photo shown above by Super Mario […]

  • Android gains even more market share over Apple

    Android and Apple have been going toe to toe over the past two years to see who will the mobile empire king. Last year we saw Android finally show sign's of overtaking Apple due to a surge in the 3rd and 4th fiscal quater. Now it seems Android won't let go of the top spot […]

  • Google Brings Android to Cars in a New Innovative Way

    Millions of people already bring Android phones and tablets into their cars, but it's not yet a driving-optimised experience," said Patrick Brady, director of Android engineering. "Wouldn't it be great if you could bring your favourite apps and music with you and use them safely with your car's built-in controls and in-dash display?" he added. […]

  • HP Slate Pro PC to run Android

    For years now users have been wondering when Google will bring Android to the PC arena. Well now that time has arrived with the HP Slate Pro PC. The HP Slate Pro PC will come with Kingsoft Office, Skype, Evernote, HP’s Classroom Manager, 50GB of storage from Box for life, and Citrix Receiver for remote […]

  • To Text or Not To Text: Breakup Rules

    A few days ago a good friend of mine was crushed because she had been dumped over a text message. She was  deeply saddened that someone who she loved couldn’t or wouldn’t take the time to talk with her in person. Her phone just vibrated, then the axe dropped: ‘Sorry this is not working out, […]

  • Do You Like What You See?

    Recognize the woman in the picture above? You might not. She’s frowning, for one, and she’s wearing black and pink leather. (Where can I get my hands on that outfit… but that is for another article!) She’s the T-Mobile Girl, a.k.a. Carly Foulkes, and last time you saw her she was dressed in pink and […]

  • New Launch Date of HTC EVO 4g LTE and One X MIGHT be 5-23-12

    Inside Sprint Now is now reporting that it looks like the new launch date for the EVO lte and One x could be the 23rd of this month. Obviously, this is not set in stone and there are a couple of  things that could sway that date either way but it is nice to think that […]

  • “Google Play”… Are you ready to play?

      Move over Apple’s iTunes store. There is a new and improved Google Market coming to town and it is called Google Play. Google Play is taking the accessibility of  books, music, apps and movies to a whole new level. With everything being cloud based you will not have to worry about where you are […]

  • How to upgrade Samsung Epic 4G to Gingerbread (EI22)

    On November 10, 2011 Sprint announced the Samsung Epic 4g would be updated to Gingerbread S:D700.0.5S.EI22 over the course of the next ten days.  Sprint’s intent of slowing updating everyone to the EI22 ROM is to be able to monitor the process in the event they have to pull the update due to technical problems. […]

  • Smartphone Malware

    As an IT Security Professional and a Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH) one thing I have noticed is malware is on the rise. The complexity and the growth of malware have more than just tripled in the last six months. What we have witnessed and will be witnessing is a change in the threat landscape. Clever […]

  • Your Next Phone Upgrade?

    With the holiday season approaching fast, lots of people are looking for their next phone upgrade, either for themselves or for their family or friends. We’ve had some announcements of phones coming out, or ones that have been released recently. There’s a variety of operating systems to choose from, along with carriers. Let’s start a discussion about each aspect of a phone upgrade. Read more…

  • [Update w/ Tim Cook Email] Steve Jobs Steps Down as CEO of Apple……

    In my years of writing I have yet to see a day that makes me go WOW! Did that just happen. But today while opening the Internet became reality.

  • [How To] Explode Your Brain!

      When someone turns to me and tells me they have a splitting headache, I normally kindly say “I’m sorry about that” and continue with what I was doing previously.  It’s not that I don’t sympathize with this person, but I can’t empathize.  I don’t ever get headaches.  I don’t know what they feel like. […]

  • [Discussion] Should Windows Phone 7 Allow Themes?

    So Many of us have beaten our heads agaisnt the Windows Phone 7 locked environment. We can only change the background color from black to white, and tile colors from basically preset colors by Microsoft. All the while Android phones can basically customize anything and everything. Would Windows Phone 7 be better or worse with Themes? Think about predefined task bars, overlays, dialers, colors, and pictures.