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More WM7 Rumors

After the rumors that Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t be backwards compatible with older WM5, WM6, and even WM6.5 apps, a Gizmodo mole has confirmed that

January 20, 2010 General

Windows Mobile 6.6 To Be Announced In February

Sources have said that Microsoft will announce Windows Mobile 6.6 in February, possible around the time of the Mobile World Congress. This is probably the

January 04, 2010 General

Will We See Windows Mobile 7 In February?

As you may know, the World Mobile Congress is held in February. Robbie Bach, Microsoft Mobile Entertainment and Devices Division President, has dropped a few

January 08, 2010 General

LG States Windows Mobile 7 Will Ship In 2010

LG just announced, at their CES event, that they will be shipping new Windows Mobile 6.5 AND Windows Mobile 7 devices this year. Source: MobileTechWorld

January 55, 2010 Devices

HD2 Only Current Device To Get WM7

According to HTC’s Russian Twitter page, the HD2 is the only device currently on the market that will receive an upgrade to Windows Mobile 7

December 07, 2009 Devices

Windows Mobile 7 Not Coming Until Late 2010

According to Phil Moore of Microsoft UK, WM7 has been pushed back until late 2010. If he’s referring to the release date, then it could

December 42, 2009 General

[OP/ED]- Microsoft to ditch Mobile OS?

An interesting article has been posted by the UK’s newspaper The Guardian hypothesizes that Microsoft could abandon their Mobile OS platform, Windows Mobile, all together

December 42, 2009 General

Windows Mobile 7 announcement in March 2010

March 2010 is when Microsoft will announce their plans for Windows Mobile 7. This date has been confirmed by Microsoft Office Vice President Kurt Delbene

November 13, 2009 General

Office Mobile 7 (2010)/WM 7 on

In what appears as another nod towards confirming how Windows Mobile 7 will look like when it is released next year, Microsoft has posted the

November 01, 2009 General

Zune Integration Confirmed for WinMo

While we’ve heard rumors of Zune integration coming to Windows Mobile, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has confirmed it, stating that it will be coming in

October 28, 2009 General

Possible Mockup of WM7?

The guys over at WMExperts have gotten their hands on what appears to be a mockup of WM7. WM6.5 is on the top with the

October 39, 2009 General

Qilin on Dopod

Your crack PPCGeeks News Staff has recently uncovered the following information regarding a new device named Qilin. This will be released in China on Dopod

September 02, 2009 General
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