Windows Mobile 7 Not Coming Until Late 2010

According to Phil Moore of Microsoft UK, WM7 has been pushed back until late 2010. If he’s referring to the release date, then it could be a couple of months before we even see the devices with WM7 or the upgrades coming out. If history follows itself, devices will also come out in Europe before they hit the states.

“It has been put back until late next year but it is definitely coming. You’re going to see a lot more on Windows Mobile 7. Giving the enterprise users and consumers what they want will be part of Windows Mobile 7. You’ll get flexibility on a much easier touch UI.”

I doubt they will be showing it off at the World Mobile Congress in February if the launch date is pushed back until late 2010. Also, at this rate, it is even more unlikely that the HD2 will get an upgrade since HTC could be well onto the “HD3” by then. The good news is that we will still hopefully get leaks like we have with WM6.5, so maybe, just maybe, we’ll get to play with it well before the end of 2010.

Source: MSMobiles

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