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LG Windows Phone 7 Prototype

While Microsoft used a basic, unbranded ASUS device to show off Windows Phone 7 at the MWC10, LG was the first manufacturer to show us

February 45, 2010 Devices

HTC HD2 Windows Phone 7 Petition

For you HTC HD2 owners out there, there's been much debate on the Windows Phone 7 upgrade options. The hardware should be able to

February 50, 2010 Devices

Windows Phone 7 1 Chassis Option At Launch?

Rumor has it that there will be very few chassis designs available for Windows Phone 7 Series, with only 1 being available at launch.

February 56, 2010 Devices, General

Windows Phone 7 at Games Development Conference

When you hear of Games Development Conference, you probably think of XBox, PS3, Wii, and PC game manufacturers. While Microsoft is behind they XBox

February 30, 2010 General

Leaked Windows Phone 7 Series Development Docs

After reviewing the documents, you’ll see that Windows Phone 7 Series is capable of multi-tasking. Most developers won’t get complete access to native APIs, probably

February 09, 2010 General

HD2 Running Windows Phone 7 Series

Windows Phone 7 Series has been spotted running on a HTC HD2. We already knew the HD2 would be able to upgrade to WM7, but

February 32, 2010 Devices, General

New Windows Phone 7 Series Website

Now that the new Windows Phone 7 Series has been announced at MWC10, Microsoft has already put up a website to demo the new UI.

February 52, 2010 General

MWC10 – Microsoft Windows Phone Press Conference

From the demonstration, the new Windows Phone 7 Series seems very smooth and everything has been very well integrated. The prototype device supports pinch-to-zoom in

February 06, 2010 General

Windows Mobile 7 has Gesture Control and runs on ARMv7?

Here are two possible “facts” that I have found about Windows Mobile 7. I found the first while looking at a slide entitled “Personalizing Mobile

February 35, 2010 General

Is The Zune Phone Alive? Maybe!

We’ve heard the rumors of a Zune Phone for a while now, and many Windows Mobile users feel that it would be a great interface

February 55, 2010 Devices

Microsoft CFO Confirms WM7 For Mobile World Congress

While everyone at Microsoft seems to be hush-hush about Windows Mobile 7, Peter Clein, CFO of Microsoft, finally gave us some information. In an interview

January 55, 2010 General

Zune Software Update Hints At Zune Phone

Microsoft just released a Zune software update today, version 4.2. Microsoft enthusiast Long Zheng has been dissecting the drivers with the latest update and has

January 45, 2010 Devices

Possible HD3 Specs – Nov. 2010 Release Date

More than likely this will wind up being fake, but the Chinese site has posted a spec sheet for the successor of the HD2,

January 39, 2010 Devices

T-Mobile HD2 Gets Spec Boosts

If you remember, the HTC HD2 is headed to T-Mobile USA, and is rumored to be the only device currently on the market to be

January 03, 2010 Carriers, Devices

Diamond3 Coming To At&t And T-Mobile? With WM7?

An unconfirmed source says the HTC Obsession aka Diamond 3 will supposedly be released on At&t and T-Mobile this year with WM7 and there are

January 47, 2010 Carriers, Devices
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