Samsung confirmed they are not charging for updates on the Galaxy S

If you haven't already heard the truth, there will be no fee's for Samsung Android updates. These rumors have gotten pretty strong lately and Samsung

January 19, 2011 General

BloomWorlds is calling all Android application developers – Check it out!

BloomWorlds is looking for Android application developers, yes that's right. Take a look at their latest post on twitter. Not sure who they are? Check

January 19, 2011 Apps, General

Froyo Coming to the LG Ally – SOON

Are you an owner of the LG Ally or know several friends with one? I sure do and know they will love it when they

January 18, 2011 General

HP has a secret, exciting announcement for the February webOS event!

Not only does Sprint have a special announcement coming in February, now HP has something up their sleeve as well. February 9, 2011 at their

January 18, 2011 Devices, General

[BREAKING NEWS] SPB Brain Evolution becomes the first SPB product for Windows Phone 7

Thanks to our friends at SPB, we've just been sent their latest Press Release and it's quite interesting. What's so exciting? SPB Brain Evolution has

January 18, 2011 Apps, General

PPCGeeks Video Review: Pac-Man & Twin Blades for WP7.

Hey guys. Tony here bringing you another video review for WP7. This time we take a quick glance at the Twin Blades side scroller and

January 18, 2011 Apps, Reviews

Sprint increasing 3G data plan pricing by $10 per month

Well folks, today is just a couple of weeks before the unexpected announcement Sprint is supposed to make in New York and we've just gotten

January 18, 2011 Carriers, General

Samsung Vibrant 4G by TMobile – Specification Details and Android 2.3!?

Our Geeks have talked about this device and come to find out, it's absolutely what you expected and more! The Samsung Vibrant 4G has been

January 17, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General

Windows Phone 7 ROM Review: WP7 ROM on an HTC HD2! Super Awesome!

Folks, we may be a couple days behind but don't worry, were here to share the news and review of this ROM from one of

January 17, 2011 General

What’s in store for Android in 2011: Bigger, faster, thinner & lighter devices!

In observance of the devices at CES this year, CNET noticed a trend that really sticks out to not only them but everyone else as

January 17, 2011 General

AT&T Preparing for the EVO like phone – HTC Inspire 4G

Are you an AT&T customer who's been waiting on an EVO like device since Sprint released theirs? Well, the time is near and you will

January 16, 2011 General

Confirmed: Verizon Wireless’ 2011 LTE city roll list

We know several Verizon customers are patiently waiting, and some not so patiently for LTE to be turned on in their area. It's coming, just

January 16, 2011 Devices

[Q&A] PPCGeeks Spotlight: Taskbars by Gadgetfreak – You’ve all seen them!

Welcome to another edition of the PPCGeek Spotlight where we get enlightening perspectives and great insight from well known and successful community members and leaders.

January 16, 2011 Editorial, Featured, General

Breaking News: Details on Verizon Wireless Special Upgrade Offer for Customers Who Recently Purchased Phones & want an iPhone!

Thanks to a tip, we have the latest details on the special upgrade offer from Verizon Wireless for customers who purchased and activated new smartphones,

January 14, 2011 Carriers, General

The BlackBerry we’ve all been waiting for: The Dakota Touch and Type

Finally, the released photo of the RIM's product that will revolutionize the Blackberry. Codenamed Dakota, features a touch screen as well as a keyboard. Specs

January 13, 2011 General
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