UPDATE: Is the iPad2 worth it? Specifications inside!

If you just missed the announcement by Apple don't worry. Were here to share the information Intomobile has collected. Steve Jobs was the one who

March 02, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General

Sony Ericsson partners with MLG (Major League Gaming)

Sony is making a move for the majors! Sony Ericsson is partnering with Major league Gaming to showcase Xperia™ PLAY. This is an interesting move

March 02, 2011 Carriers, Devices, General

UPDATE: Verizon Wireless doesn’t need Windows Phone 7

It seems some folks may have taken this article the wrong way and thought that it was Verizon saying they didn't need Windows Phone 7,

March 02, 2011 General

Google Pulls 21 Malicious Apps From Android Market

There's been some talk in the last few days about malicious apps hitting Android. Most of those were distributed by 3rd party markets, not

March 02, 2011 Apps

Sprint CEO’s Bonus Up 18%

If Sprint CEO Dan Hesse hits all of his target goals this year, he'll see a $720,000 (nearly 18%) increase in his bonus. He already

March 02, 2011 Carriers

Windows Phone Marketplace already reaches 9,000 applications

I've seen several comments about how the Windows Mobile market isn't up to par. Well whether you think they are or not, they are definitely

March 01, 2011 Apps, Carriers

UPDATED: Humans vs Aliens – Android Tower Defense Game

Remember us telling you about this? Humans vs Aliens is a new game by Epic Applications, a popular developer that previously only used to work

March 01, 2011 Apps, General

Verizon Wireless iPhone4 – Tiered data pricing one day

Some of you asked if it would happen, hoped that it wouldn't and thought you were lucky enough to skip out on tiered data at

March 01, 2011 General

[Q&A] PPCGeeks Spotlight: O.a.T – Windows Mobile ROM & Kitchen Developer

Hello Geeks and welcome to another edition of the PPCGeeks Spotlight where we get enlightening perspectives and great insight from well known community members, developers

March 01, 2011 Editorial, Featured, General

Warning: Certain Android Steamy Window Applications may cause a virus

You may have heard the recent complaints on the increase of virus attacks with smartphones, particularly Android devices. Seeing that phones are so popular, it

March 01, 2011 General

Android 2.3.3 supports screenshots without rooting

Are you among the crowd who loves using Android but never could figure out why you can't take screenshots? Most geeks know that your phone

March 01, 2011 Apps, Devices

Qualcomm and Gameloft join forces to bring better HD gaming to smartphones

Today Qualcomm announced that it is working with industry leading Gameloft to optimize games for current and upcoming devices running snapdragon processors. What this means

March 01, 2011 Apps, Devices

Sprint’s new Total Equipment Protection Application

Sprint recently announced a new Total Equipment Protection application that is very useful for smartphones if you pay for the TEP insurance plan. If you

February 28, 2011 Apps, Carriers, General

Sprint and LightSquared in discussion to share cell sites

Sprint and LightSquared Inc. are in discussion to share cell sites equipment, helping build out each others network. The deal, if it goes through, would

February 28, 2011 Carriers, General

[DISCUSSION] Android Task Killers – Are they needed or not?

Let me just start by saying Android is not Windows Mobile. I've seen too many previous Windows Mobile owners treating Android the same way they

February 28, 2011 Apps, Devices, General
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