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Motorola highly recommends buying an HTC?

Motorola responds to their frustrated Milestone customer base by encouraging them to buy a phone made by another manufacturer: "We understand there

March 47, 2010 General

The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast for 03/04/10!

The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You'll Ever Need! Episode 14, for 03/04/2010!

March 55, 2010 General, PPCGP


Hello Geekers! We wanted to just let you know we just did a installation guide / review of the ZAGG InvisibleSHIELD over @ Youtube: We also

March 22, 2010 General

Photon – The Old WM7 Interface

We all remember the leaked images of Windows Mobile 7 (some pictured above) that looked like a glorified Windows Mobile 6/6.5. According to Microsoft

March 02, 2010 General

Apple Sues HTC for Patent Infringement

There was a big news story today that involved two of the biggest phone manufacturers in the world, HTC and Apple. As the morning

March 34, 2010 General

The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast for 02/25/10!

The PPCGP, All the Mobile News You'll Ever Need! Episode 14, for 02/25/2010!

February 19, 2010 General, PPCGP

Welcome To The New PPCGeeks!

If you haven't noticed, PPCGeeks has changed out style throughout the site. We've were rocking the old style for about 6 months, but we

February 57, 2010 Featured, General

The Pocket PC Geeks Podcast! 02/25/2010!

Mobile News You Need! For Februray 18th, 2010 Episode

February 20, 2010 General, PPCGP

New Bluetooth headset is world’s first to supports apps

Bluetrek has raised the bar for all Bluetooth headset manufacturers and may have just changed the way that consumers look at Bluetooth headsets in

February 25, 2010 Accessories, Devices, General

Google Earth is Pretty on Nexus One (and the Occasional Droid)

Google Earth, the world map on steroids has been released for Android-powered smartphones, well, one of them, kinda sort-of (more on this later on).

February 09, 2010 General

Windows Phone 7 1 Chassis Option At Launch?

Rumor has it that there will be very few chassis designs available for Windows Phone 7 Series, with only 1 being available at launch.

February 56, 2010 Devices, General

Windows Phone 7 at Games Development Conference

When you hear of Games Development Conference, you probably think of XBox, PS3, Wii, and PC game manufacturers. While Microsoft is behind they XBox

February 30, 2010 General

Android Market offers highest percentage of free apps

Recently, at the Mobile World Congress, Dutch analytics company Distimo gave a special presentation called "Mobile Application Stores - State of Play." Distimo tracks and

February 09, 2010 Apps, General

PocketGear Acquires Handango

Today, PocketGear announces its acquisition of Handango, making it the world's largest cross-platform app store. It now supports over 2,000 devices and every major

February 07, 2010 General

Google Shopper: Android for Frugal

Google Shopper is the recently unleashed shopping application from Google Mobile Labs for Android-powered phones. It promises to easily lookup specifications, find reviews and

February 13, 2010 Apps, General, Reviews
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