Many of our forum users have reported issues after upgrading to the official Windows Mobile 6.5 release for their Touch Pro 2’s. The one that seems the most common is being referred to as the “Sleep Of Death”. This seems to occur randomly, but what happens is when the phone goes to sleep, after a while, pressing the power button will not turn the screen back on. A soft reset or battery pull usually fixes the issue, but only temporarily. Hopefully bringing this subject to the forefronts of the news, Sprint, Verizon, and HTC will release a fix for everyone.

Some users have reported tricks that seems to help them, but others have replied saying it didn’t work for them. Unfortunately there’s no official fix for this. As of right now, the only work-around for this is to use one of many custom ROMs found on our site. Some may experience the issue in custom ROMs too, but those that used the US Cellular HTC Service Driver seem to work best. It is speculated that this is a newer radio issue, but its also been reported that you can use any radio as long as the custom ROM uses the US Cellular version of the HTC Service.

This does not affect the official US Cellular ROM, only Sprint and Verizon.

The follow threads in our forums all discuss this topic, so this issue affects the majority of users that use the stock WM6.5 ROM for Sprint and Verizon.

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