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  • 3D Driver for The Touch Pro2? Maybe!

    3D Driver for The Touch Pro2? Maybe!

    Hey There Geeks, we picked this one up from Tiad8 in the forums! Now YOU TOO Can have the 3d experience on the Touch Pro2!

  • Sprint & Verizon Touch Pro 2 WM6.5 Causes ‘Sleep Of Death’

    Many of our forum users have reported issues after upgrading to the official Windows Mobile 6.5 release for their Touch Pro 2’s. The one that seems the most common is being referred to as the “Sleep Of Death”. This seems to occur randomly, but what happens is when the phone goes to sleep, after a…

  • Sprint Touch Pro2 WM 6.5 ROM Officially Released

    Sprint has released the WM 6.5 ROM update for the HTC Touch Pro2. Sense UI? Yes! WM 6.5.3? No!

  • Updated: Official Sprint WM6.5 Update For TP2 Coming March 19th

    Although most of you are probably running a cooked Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM from our forums, some of you will be happy to hear that a Sprint brochure shows that the Touch Pro 2 will be upgradeable to Windows Mobile 6.5 in March. Our user platin465 was kind enough to post an image of the…

  • T-Mobile Touch Pro2 for $149.99

    A HTC Touch Pro2 from T-Mobile for only $149.99 with FREE SHIPPING? As President Obama said, “Yes, we can!”

  • HTC and T-Mobile present: A Year of Rewards

    HTC and T-Mobile are teaming up for their latest campaign to sell you phones, and this one is a dandy folks. Anybody who signs a new 2-year contract with T-Mobile between January 20th and March 23rd of this year and decides on getting either a HTC Touch Pro2, a T-Mobile Dash 3G, or a T-Mobile…

  • Sprint Releases Official 2016 SMS Fix for 3 Devices

    Sprint has released an official fix for the 2016 SMS Timestamp bug that has been plaguing a multitude of devices since the new year. The following devices have fixes waiting to be downloaded as of now (clicking on device name will send you to download page)- HTC Touch Pro HTC Touch Pro2 HTC Touch Diamond…

  • At&t Tilt 2 Bundle For $0.01 at Wal-Mart

    Wal-mart is offering a bundle for At&t that includes the new Tilt 2 (Touch Pro 2), car charger, bluetooth headset, and screen protector. This is only for new 2 year contracts. Thanks forum user aznmode for the tip. WalMart.com

  • [Rumor]- Telus HSPA Touch Pro2?

    It appears that Telus may be launching a GSM version of the HTC Touch Pro2, with support for their GSM 3G bands. The Touch Pro2 that they currently have on the market is a CDMA version, much like the Sprint or Verizon version. The new GSM version will probably support all 3G GSM bands that…

  • Carrier Design Philosophy- Touch Pro2

    Did you know that there are at least 5 unique versions of the HTC Touch Pro2? The original HTC design, then each of the 4 major U.S. Carrier-branded versions. Below is an exterior comparison of the HTC Touch Pro2 (codename: Rhodium) and how each U.S. Carrier has left its own unique mark on the appearance.…