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  • WM6.x Marketplace Shut Down for Good on May 17 🙁

    Microsoft is sending out emails that once again inform us that the Windows Mobiel 6.x marketplace will indeed be unavailable after May 17.  We all knew this was happening and that Windows 6.x was a dying OS, but it’s still sad for those of us who spent time cooking and flashing ROMs and enjoying all […]

  • A Gasp Heard Around The World

    Gasps were heard ’round the tech world this week when Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak went on the record saying he thought the new Lumia 900 Windows Phone was more beautiful than iPhone or Android operating systems. The Woz dropped the news during a podcast interview with The Report and called the new Nokia product “intuitive […]

  • Leaked Windows Phone 7 Documentation

    Hello PPCGeeks Readers! What’s come through the mailbox is BIG, and we mean Real Big! Through an anonymous contact, we’ve received several PDFs that include special Windows Phone 7 Development, Usage, and Customization Content. The content is very large and includes a wide amount of information we have yet to completely unravel and detail upon, but some of the exterior facts are VERY promising.

  • How to: Prevent cracks of your windows phone applications

    Following is an article authored for PPCGeeks News by our very own member, Ziggy471. He has many years of experience in computer programming and coding, and has written the following to help both aspiring and veteran mobile application developers deal with an issue that may arise. So you have decided to download the Windows Phone […]

  • Windows Mobile Bing Application Updated

    Via the official Bing Twitter account, Microsoft has announced that the Bing mobile application for Windows Mobile has been updated to version 5.1.2010. No major changes are apparent in this update. To download the update, go via your mobile browser to m.bing.com/download or going into the application and selecting “Update Available”. Interestingly. this update is […]