Leaked Windows Phone 7 Documentation

Hello PPCGeeks Readers! What’s come through the mailbox is BIG, and we mean Real Big!

Through an anonymous contact, we’ve received several PDFs that include special Windows Phone 7 Development, Usage, and Customization Content.

The content is very large and includes a wide amount of information we have yet to completely unravel and detail upon, but some of the exterior facts are VERY promising.

Mentioned items include:

  • Detailing of its architecture, everything from the specifics to graphs explaining basics
  • Customization and Compatibility plans, including with Microsoft Silverlight, Xbox’s XNA system and network, and Microsoft Azure (A Cloud Service for Microsoft)
  • Explanation of using and maintaining content on WP7 devices, such as internet browsing, connecting to the Cloud Network, Xbox Connections, etc. Included photo shows a flowchart that seems to detail the process of starting up your phone for the first time!

We have so much more to look into and are VERY excited to look into this, for now, a few photos to get your pallet wet!

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