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  • New ROM Alert! Reaper24’s Evo 3D ROM.

    If you own an Evo 3D and want to flash something that will speed it up but also custom theme it as well as some other nice tweaks, Reaper Rom may be for you. As an avid Android user for a while, I love flashing ROMs, kernels, themes, and various other tweaks.  Chef Reaper24 started […]

  • WHAT?! Finalized Sprint HTC 7 Pro Rom?

    YAY! Sprint is getting closer to a Windows Phone 7 Device. Our friends over at WPCentral have posted some Valentines Day loving for Sprint users. Yes I did say Valentines day – I don’t know if anyone caught it or not but I am now so enjoy the little late Valentines Love. They found through 91HTC the finalized Sprint Rom for the HTC 7 Pro. This should mean we are getting close to a release day.

  • Sprint Touch Pro2 WM 6.5 ROM Officially Released

    Sprint has released the WM 6.5 ROM update for the HTC Touch Pro2. Sense UI? Yes! WM 6.5.3? No!