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  • WebOS is taking donations for their 2012 Web-a-thon

    WebOS is taking donations for their 2012 Web-a-thon

      Are you one of the consumers still hanging on to that Palm Pre or WebOS device? If so, you may feel like helping the Internals out. They are currently taking donations throughout the next two days. These donations, during what they are calling “The 2012 Web-a-thon,” will be used to support their WebOS Internals…

  • UPDATE: Rumor of Palm Pre 2 Coming!!

    Although this hasn’t been proven more than a rumor just yet, PreCentral is stating that they heard this news from a reliable tipster. Supposedly, Palm is preparing to release a new phone named the “Mansion,” which could or couldn’t be the same device that recently turned up in Palms certification database….

  • Sprint Palm Pre Only $79 on Black Friday

  • Verizon Wirelss & Palm Pre?

    On Verizon Wireless’ official Twitter page, we have confirmation that they will be getting the Palm Pre “early next year”. No other information was given other than that, but its big for those WebOS lovers out there. Source: BGR

  • The $100 Dollar Offer.

    Just hours after posting a great offer on their website, Sprint has pulled it. The offer? Switch to Sprint and receive $100 of service free – If you buy the Palm Pre. Why? James Fisher, a Sprint spokesman, said in a statement: “After further internal review today, the offer of a port-in service credit of…

  • Palm announces beta e commerce program

    Palm announces today it will begin accepting application for developers interested in producing apps for there new webOS catalog. The company is looking at a mid-September launch of its e-commerce program and request that are taken now will be eligible for inclusion in the new launch. Palm has also agreed to spilt a 70/30 (70…