UPDATE: We aren’t so sure that this device is even coming to the US so we are just going to update the article we’ve already written on Palm’s suspected plans. About two weeks ago we shared an article saying that Palm was rumored to be making a new, keyboard-less device and that it’s name was the “Mansion” as we know it. No confirmation has been made that this rumor is true.

Today we have spotted new rumors going around that Palm is soon releasing a “keyboarded” device called the Palm Pre 2, suspected to be available in November. The Palm Pre 2 is said to have an improved ridge around the face that should reduce the amount of cracking consumers currently have on the Palm Pre. The device is also said to be running webOS 2.0 with a 1GHz processor and 512mb of RAM. We are still waiting on the official specs. See pictures below:

Although this may create a bit of confusion as to which device is coming, when and who’s getting it we still want everyone to be patient as we continue to collect information and bring it to our site for you to better understand. Palm users would probably appreciate either one, keyboard-less or with a keyboard as long as the users experience with the device can be the same or even better.

Source: precentral & engadget
Thanks to member darren.wlsn1 here at PPCG for finding this information at Engadget and also at precentral.net. As we find out more information, we will continue to update this article.

End of update

Although this hasn’t been proven more than a rumor just yet, PreCentral is stating that they heard this news from a reliable tipster. Supposedly, Palm is preparing to release a new phone named the “Mansion,” which could or couldn’t be the same device that recently turned up in Palms certification database, under the name P102, which was pulled shortly after being discovered. Nothing has been made official yet.

It’s funny how the Palm Pre was previously codenamed Castle before the final release and it’s official name of “Pre” was established. Now, with this new device rumored to be coming soon, the codename as we currently know it is “Mansion.” We wonder if the name will also be changed on this device before the official release. What do you think?

According to sources at PreCenral,  the Mansion is to have an 800X480 screen resolution and will NOT have a physical keyboard.  For now this is all of the information we have found for you Palm lovers out there.  Keep your eyes open for detailed information to follow.