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  • [rumor] Is this the Galaxy Nexus Tab?

        Pocketnow has an image it says might be the rumored new Nexus line of tablet. Take a look and see if you think it’s a sure fake or if it’s the real thing.  The debate rages as to whether it’s Samsung or Asus, 7.7″ or 10″. When Google does actually drop the Nexus […]

  • What to buy? ..The Gnexus or Droid razr maxx?

    So it’s that time of year when i get my tax return and go pick up a new phone. One of the biggest complaints about android on pretty much every device is the short battery life. Well that all changed when motorola released the droid razr maxx. It sports a huge 3300mAh slimline “non removable” […]

  • Google Nexus 4G Details Revealed

    Google has been working hard, to try and present the ultimate design and concept for what a smartphone should be. Recently introduced was the Nexus S from Google, the first phone to run Android 2.3, Gingerbread. According to exclusive details from our friends over at BGR, Google’s next Nexus device, possibly called the Nexus 4G, […]

  • Google Unleashes it’s Mobile Wallet Service

    This past Thursday, Google unleashed their new mobile wallet platform and completed field tests in New York and San Francisco. This new platform, (a rehash of the older Google Checkout) will allow people with certain NFC phones, to pay for merchandise in retail shops by tapping their phones against a payment terminal. Does this seem […]