So it’s that time of year when i get my tax return and go pick up a new phone. One of the biggest complaints about android on pretty much every device is the short battery life. Well that all changed when motorola released the droid razr maxx. It sports a huge 3300mAh slimline “non removable” battery that will in most cases last you more than a few days. The phone has the same specs as the standard droid razr minus the battery upgrade.

Then you have the devs choice of a phone. The google nexus which comes in both cdma “verizon” and gsm versions. Lets face it folks, if your planning on rooting and flashing a custom rom and want prompt updates right from google the nexus is the way to go. But in most cases the stock battery on 4g will not give you great battery life. Yes you can go out and buy a extended battery with cover but is it really worth it? How would it stand up against the razr maxx’s huge battery?

Ill put it to you this way, if you need your phone to last you a few days, even on heavy usage i think the razr maxx wins hands down. It’s also rootable and there are a few custom roms out there. If your a die hard flasher then you may want to consider the gnexus with at least an extended battery. Myself after doing comparisons i think ill be going with the razr even with limited roms available. I just cannot pass up the battery life and the phone is slated to get an upgrade to ice cream sandwich this year. It will be my first moto phone but after playing with it i just do not think i can pass it up. In my opinion the razr maxx should set a new standard for all manufactures as far as delivering phones with these larger slimline batteries even if it means they are non-removable.

So what do you guys think? what would be your choice?