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HP Slate Pro PC to run Android

For years now users have been wondering when Google will bring Android to the PC arena. Well now that time has arrived with the HP

January 55, 2014 Developers, Editorial

[Discussion] Does Sprint need WebOS?

So PPCGeeks, today we hear that Sprint is not going to get the Pre3 by HP. As many of you know they offer the Palm

July 47, 2011 Carriers

HP CEO Open to Licensing webOS to Other Companies.

So we are here to spotlight the lower famed OS of the day...webOS. It seems to me that HP is doing a good job in

June 37, 2011 Devices

HP has a secret, exciting announcement for the February webOS event!

Not only does Sprint have a special announcement coming in February, now HP has something up their sleeve as well. February 9, 2011 at their

January 15, 2011 Devices, General

The P in HP may now stand for Palm!!

The boards of directors at HP and Palm have come to an agreement on a buyout of Palm (Nasdaq: PALM) by HP (Nasdaq: HPQ). The negotiated price

April 49, 2010 Featured, General

HP iPAQ Glisten Coming To At&t

HP’s latest WM 6.5 smartphone will be hitting At&t in the coming weeks, known as the iPAQ Glisten.  It will have a 2.5″ AMOLED Touchscreen,

November 10, 2009 Carriers, Devices
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