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  • Tips to Help Developers Market Android Games and Apps

    1) Website- I see a lot of developers that have a single blog page for all their apps. Look at the format of google play and match your website as close as you can to what google play has. Why? Customers are use to a certain format and like things that look familiar . Think […]

  • RootLinux Recovery Flasher

    PPCGeeks developer, RootLinux, is at it again. With his recent launch of his own 'Recovery Flasher',  he has proven himself to be the premier developer for PPCGeeks. What is 'Recovery Flasher' you ask? It is a multi-recovery installer. What that means is, you will have no need for fastboot to switch recoveries anymore. You will […]

  • HP Slate Pro PC to run Android

    For years now users have been wondering when Google will bring Android to the PC arena. Well now that time has arrived with the HP Slate Pro PC. The HP Slate Pro PC will come with Kingsoft Office, Skype, Evernote, HP’s Classroom Manager, 50GB of storage from Box for life, and Citrix Receiver for remote […]

  • New ROM Alert! Reaper24’s Evo 3D ROM.

    If you own an Evo 3D and want to flash something that will speed it up but also custom theme it as well as some other nice tweaks, Reaper Rom may be for you. As an avid Android user for a while, I love flashing ROMs, kernels, themes, and various other tweaks.  Chef Reaper24 started […]

  • [ROM] OMJ’s HTC EVO 3D Custom ROMs

    We here at PPCGeeks wanted new users to this site, who own a HTC EVO 3D, to be sure and check out OMJ’s Custom ROM’s! OMJ is active in supporting this amazing thread, and his ROM’s get rave reviews. Here is an excerpt from his HTC EVO 3D thread:   OMJ’s EVO 3D 2.3.4 v2.5!!! […]

  • [ROM] Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC

    User jmart518 has released his latest ROM for the HTC Imagio called  Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC.  This is one clean looking ROM. In this ROM he has decided to go with both Sense 2.5 and Titanium. I now introduce Project: Teya WWE for the HTC Imagio! A WM COM3 (aka 6.5.3) build, focused on speed, clean looks and […]

  • [ROM][Odexed Blue][Updated 1/22][EL29][NoCIQ, 1x/3G, 4g Hotspot, Power Options]

      Strongsteve has decided to host his latest latest ROM for the Epic 4G Touch over here at PPCGeeks dubbed [ROM][Odexed Blue][Updated 1/22][EL29][NoCIQ, 1x/3G, 4g Hotspot, Power Options] Got Odex ? ? – ROM is: – Base is Stock EL29 [ OS 2.3.6 ] – Thanks Calkulin – Completly ODEXED system for smooth speed and optimized Dalvik […]

  • [ROM] The EVO Classic – Sense 1.0 Redefined

    Tommytomatoe has just released his EVO Classic – Sense 1.0 Redefined and if I still had an EVO this is one ROM I would be flashing. His intent behind making this ROM was to make a highly customized, fast, and optimized ROM. This is what came of it. If you feel the urge to use any […]

  • HP does the unthinkable again, makes WebOS Open Source!

    Today, HP decided to drop an early Christmas present for WebOs loyalists and development. A few month prior things looked bleak for HP after spending $1.2 billion on Palm only to have their Tablets collect dust and carriers refusing to carry their devices. It almost seemed like an end to WebOS when BesyBuy and other distributors decided […]

  • CyanogenMod 9 = Ice Cream Sandwich

    For those CyanogenMod fans out there who were wondering if and when you would get to taste the delicious ice cream sandwich on your android devices, well some news was just shed via a twitter post from @cyanogen. In a Twitter post published on Tuesday, cyanogen confirmed they had begun working on CM9, and should […]