RootLinux Recovery Flasher

PPCGeeks developer, RootLinux, is at it again. With his recent launch of his own 'Recovery Flasher',  he has proven himself to be the premier developer for PPCGeeks. What is 'Recovery Flasher' you ask? It is a multi-recovery installer. What that means is, you will have no need for fastboot to switch recoveries anymore. You will be able to simply switch recoveries on the fly from this one installer. How cool is that?

RootLinux is a dedicated developer who has even sacraficed his device at times to get us the best experience from our devices. Check out his efforts in the HTC One forum on PPCGeeks. Be sure to post any questions you may have in his many threads. He is the kind of developer that stands behind his work.

Be sure to "Thank" him for his efforts!! Enjoy!!

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