[ROM] Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC

User jmart518 has released his latest ROM for the HTC Imagio called  Project: Teya 2.0.2 RC.  This is one clean looking ROM. In this ROM he has decided to go with both Sense 2.5 and Titanium.

I now introduce Project: Teya WWE for the HTC Imagio! A WM COM3 (aka 6.5.3) build, focused on speed, clean looks and an overall smooth feel. Both Sense 2.5 and Titanium are included (I like to often switch between the two). Consider this ROM to be “cutting-edge” I include all the latest and greatest working packages and sys available.

**Note: I include HTC Messaging, what this means is:
-You must have a SIM card installed to use HTC Messaging Service
-Messaging will give you a text when you receive a Voicemail and another after you check it. This is a well known and obnoxious feature associated with the latest HTC messaging and I am still working on a solution.
-Verizon MMS configurations will be automatically configured at first boot, so you will no longer need to configure them yourself.


If you own an HTC Imagio go check this ROM out http://forum.ppcgeeks.com/imagio-development/137641-rom-project-teya-2-0-2-rc-12-jan-2012-a.html