Now here is something we all know about. It appears that the HTC WP7 device HTC HD7 has a bootloader! Say what Jason?!?! No this is not because of a custom rom, or anything like that. In fact the article says we don’t know why it showed up. It just did.  We all thought that a Bootloader existed but we were not 100% sure. Now we know that the old SPL system is there somewhere at least.

Now with that being said, it could be because of the SD Card got corrupt and it failed to boot up properly.  The phone owner Sam Gibbs had this happen to his HTC device and he’s not too sure why it happened… Let’s just hope that it is fixable or he should be looking to HTC to get a new device.

Now with this picture we can see how some things work on WP7. Could this lead to a ROM? Possibly, but more than likely not; it might lead to a way for it to start happening. WP7 needs to be cracked open, we are all aware of that, but in given time. Microsoft is keeping things underwraps for now… What does this mean to you PPCGeeks, could you invision a custom WP7 rom?  We already know that we can write using the provxml files. Now this? Whats next? You tell us below!