The first phone to be officially upgraded to the Android 2.1 operating system is the Samsung Galaxy Spica (also known as the Galaxy Portal) one day after Verizon posted websites indicating that the Motorola Droid will be seeing it’s 2.1 update “soon.”

New handsets will include the updated operating system while existing owners can upgrade through Samsung’s proprietary PC Studio 7 software (available at  The upgrade is available in Germany and Samsung has detailed that it will be gradually rolled out to other European markets, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Asia, Africa and rest of the world (Antarctica and Americas.)

Motorola Droid owners are shaking their heads in disapproval and perhaps a little misplaced jealousy as the Samsung incantation of Android Eclair will sport no less than nine screens (Droid has three).  The Galaxy Spica will also experience some additional multimedia improvements over and above it’s current ability to play divx files (which Droid doesn’t).  The new media browser permits user to easily browse through Media files stored on the memory card and updates to the camera software promise ‘enhanced picture options and viewing functionality.’

Source: Samsung Press Release