HTC Battery Bank!

One of the biggest questions I see here on the forum is “How do I make my battery last longer?” While you can tweak your phone and get a couple extra hours from it, most of us still need to plug into a car or wall at least once a day. The problem with that is you need a car or wall outlet. That is where HTC comes to the rescue.
Introducing the new HTC Battery Bank
HTC Battery Bank 1


  • HTC’s Battery Bank offers a 2680 mAh battery, and is advertised as providing “the ability to charge your device up to three times.” That is probably not true for most phones these days but can defiantly make a difference.
  • HTC’s Battery Bank utilizes a standard Female USB connector to power your mobile device.
  • The Bank itself is charged using one of HTC’s ExtUSB connectors, allowing you to use a mini-USB cable or any HTC charger. A mini-USB cable is included, and can be used for either purpose
  • One of the nice things about this Battery Bank is that power is output at USB 2.0 standards of 5VDC and 1000mA, so there shouldn’t be any issue using this with micro-USB or proprietary USB cables.
    The Battery Bank also features a LED power meter on the side. This meter stays lit when charging, or activates after the button is pressed in order to give you a quick read on your power level.



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