Apple delayed the launch of the Iphone for fear of it killing their iPod sales.

 When Apple was originally founded it was built to sell computers. Computers remained the company focus for over thirty years, but no longer is this the case. Apple computers have taken a backseat to the companies sales of mobile devices.

Microsoft has struggled to keep up with the changing market. And with its main competitor Apple. The new windows phone is definitely better than many of the older windows mobile devices but there is still room for improvement as I’m sure many of you that have the device would agree.

There are strong rumors that Microsoft is looking into purchasing Nokia for the nice round number of about $19 billion. While we don’t have an announcement from either Microsoft or Nokia, there is some strong evidence to back up this rumor.

The ex-Nokia chief’s vision for the company did not follow the path of being a device company but rather a transition to becoming a software  company. They did launch their own software, but it was overblown by Android and similar iOS devices. The new CEO of Nokia shares the same vision of making the switch from devices to software. Some believe that the new CEO was put into his office to assure the change would happen. When Nokia agreed in February that it would adopt the Windows Phone as its future smartphone those rumors appeared to be true.

But where will Microsoft go from here is the question on all our minds. For so long they have been the forefront runners in the PC business, can they make the switch over to focusing on being a mobile company? It will be interesting to watch this unfold. For so long Microsoft has paved the way with  their breakthroughs in technology, when it comes to computers, but their technology in the mobile area is a bit behind.

Apple broke from tradition in 2007 when they launch their series of mobile devices (the iPhone, the iPad, the iPod Touch, etc.) Now Microsoft is having to play catch up.

Will Microsoft be able to make up for their somewhat lost time and recapture their spot in leading technology? Only time will tell…

Source: BGR