After the rumors that Windows Mobile 7 wouldn’t be backwards compatible with older WM5, WM6, and even WM6.5 apps, a Gizmodo mole has confirmed that this is not the case.  Whether it will use an emulator or some other means, WM7 *should be* compatible with the older apps for Windows Mobile.

They’ve also stated that we should see WM7 at the World Mobile Congress next month, instead of the rumored WM6.6 (although we could still see both).

As far as a release date, their mole has also stated things are still inline for a holiday 2010 release instead of the latest rumors that it was pushed off until 2011.

They also say that it doesn’t look like any of the renderings that we’ve seen as of yet.  There may be some similarities though.

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Source: Gizmodo